ST 9000 DPRC series Micro Controller based Compression Testing Machine is based on an intelligent pace rate controller. This facilitates automatic pace rate control, data logging, data printing, load hold etc. It has a full 3 term PID feedback control which uses a high torque Stepper Motor. Is consists of a Loading unit, an Electrically Operated Hydraulic Pump & an intelligent pace rate controller. The operation is user friendly with a menu driven interface

System Description

The loading frame has a fully welded construction with a top crosshead, base and solid side walls with the precision ground hydraulic piston fixed to the base. The machine’s platens come with a self- aligning action and suitably sized spacers to accommodate a variety of different sizes of specimen. The two speed pump allows the fast approach of platens, for daylight closure and also allows automatic, precise control over the load application; a pace rate bar on the display gives operator feedback on the loading rate. The controller incorporates a four line digital display and features the integral load pacing bar display, maximum load and stress result display and a RS 232output. Results from 1000 completed tests can be stored in the memory and these results can be in English, Metric or SI units. The Calibration range of the machine is from 10% to 100% of the machine capacity, over which range the accuracy is ±1% of the applied load


• Automatic Pace Rate Control at a present value.
• Pace deviation bar graph.
• Automatic stress determination and display.
• Overload safety protection.
• Self-aligning platen with fast accessory change capability.
• Operator can predefine machine capacities. Specific capacity can be selected from the drop down menu.
• Direct dispaly of pace rate load & error on controller.
• Peak Load, Peak Stress, Unique Record No. is displayed.
• Conforming to IS: 14858 (2000)
• Menu Driven sample Details. Multifunction Keyboard.
• Data Storage 1000 records
• Data Download through RS 232. Stored record can be viewed & printed.
• 2% overload facility to calibrate the machine up to full capacity.
2% overload facility to calibrate the machine up to full capacity.


Series ST 9000 DPRC
Capacity 1000kN, 2000kN, 3000kN
Dimension 700mmX330mmX1100mm
RAM Dia 165mm,230mm and 260mm
Size for Testing

Cubes 70.6mm, 100mm and 150mm
Cylinder 100mm dia X 200mm height
150mm dia X 300mm height

Stroke Length 50mm
Least Count 1kN
Max Clearance between Platens 370mm
Data Storage 1000 Records
Pace Rate Control Automatic
Data Download (Real Time) Via RS 232
LCD Display 4 line display


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