Marker 2500 are analog markers for permanent marking of buried utility services such are electrical cables , telecommunication cables, optical cables , water pipelines , gas pipelines, sewage pipelines ,with depth detection range of 1.8m
The Marker 2500 are one of the most widely used markers for all types of underground devices and is available in 6 industry frequency options based on type of utility being permanently marked.
83kHz – Gas pipelines
101.4kHz – Optical cables
121.6kHz – Sewage pipelines
145.7kHz – Water pipelines
134.0kHz,169.8kHz – Energy cables

The Long Marker is a higher depth flat analog marker option with an increased reading range of upto 2.5m.
The markers have high reliability of marker localisation and identification,high resistance of against climatic and soil condition,simple installation, 50years life time of markers without any maintenance.


  • High reliability of marker localisation and identification
  • High resistance of marker against climatic and soil condition
  • Simple installation
  • 50 years life time of markers without any maintenance



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