The Stanlay Cable blowing machine comprising of an air box, Cable pusher and Hydraulic Power Pack has been designed to provide an effective and safe method of fibre optic cable installation. The system installs fibre optic cable of 8 to 32 mm overall diameter at up to 90m/min into pre-installed ducts, employing the viscous drag compressed air principle. The compressed air is fed into the duct via a venturi principle, and the hydraulically powered cable feed system controls the fibre optic cable.The system comes mounted on a light weight Frame for ease of site manoeuvrability and is powered by a hydraulic supply system. The unit is supplied with 2 x hydraulic hoses x 3 metres for connecting the cable blowing machine and hydraulic power pack (or hydraulic power source).


  • Hydraulic pressure read out dial (mounted On Power Pack).
  • Air pressure read out dial (Mounted on Pusher Unit).
  • Air pressure control / Shut off lever (Mounted on Pusher Unit).
  • Hydraulic on/off control lever (One each on Pusher unit & Power Pack).
  • Adjustable speed control for drive belts (Through Speed control valve mounted on Pusher unit & Pressure Regulator Valve mounted on Power Pack)


Operating Capacities :  
Pushing Force: 0 – 100 kg
Pushing Speed: 0 – 90 m/min
Cable Size : 8 – 32 mm OD
Duct Size : 20 – 50 mm O.D PLB
Hydraulic Drive System : 100 Bar (Max)
Operating Pressure :  
Engine Type Honda : 5 – 7 HP Gasoline Engine
Hydraulic Oil Capacity : 35 Lit
Pneumatic System :  
Air Hose Bore (min): 25mm (1”) or more: Not Supplied with Machine
Operating Pressure: 12 Bar
Flow: The air supply should ideally be filtered and de-humidified
Minimum Flow Acceptable For Ducts with an Inner Diameter of :
0 up to 25mm :  4m³/min 150 CFM
26 up to 30mm : 5m³/min 185 CFM
31 up to 35mm : 7m³/min 250 CFM
36 up to 40mm : 10m³/min 375 CFM
41 up to 44mm : 12m³/min 450 CFM


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