SML is a portable RFID smart marker locator with built in GPS designed for:

a. Logging RFID 10 digit code, attributes & GPS coordinates of markers being installed.
b. Fast localization & detection of buried markers.
c. Navigation to marker

The SML automatically stores all data about each marker in to the locator’s internal memory when markers are being installed including GPS coordinates of the RFID marker. The virtual keyboard enables the user to type useful text information about the utility or location for which marker is being used allowing a clear & precise data base of utility information to be developed

This data can be downloaded to the Marker Database Software. During detection the SML guides the operator using GPS to the marker/s. The SML also provides depth measurement. Stores data of upto 8000 markers.


  • RFID marker data is acquired at time of marker installation in trench
  • RFID Marker ID acquired through Automatic gps coordinate and additional attribute information can be added
  • Data downloaded to computer on real time basis
  • Update/refine data & upload to Cloud
  • Easy access to marker location using Mobile App
  • Navigate to exact marker location using GPS navigation feature of SML RFID marker locator and then detect RFID Marker


RFID Locator Specification


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