Smart Radio Frequency Identification System For Permanent Marking of Utility Assets & generation of maps of cable/pipe utilities being installed. A Smart RFID Marker System contains 3 parts for creating a permanent record of WHERE utilities are being buried.
Smart RFID Cable Markers SM1500
RFID Marker Locator SML
Marker Database Software
Place Markers during construction stage over the cable or pipe being installed.

Markers are available in 5 frequency options with Unique RFID based serial no allowing clear marking of important points of buried facility (joints, connections, change in direction etc) Feed 10 digits hexadecimal code into Marker using Marker Locator.
Store data about marker including GPS location, serial no of marker, ID and text description of marker
Download data from SML locator to PC via USB and create database of markers with Marker Database Software. Export data to SHP format and see your cable route/markers in GIS system/Google maps. The unique identification code will allow you to locate your own utilities based on attributes defined to allow permanent traceability of buried utility assets for decades allowing easy operation & maitnenance.
Why a Smart RFID Marker System Can be Very Useful. Localization of a particular marker by Selection of required marker or searching its record number
Displaying current geographical coordinates of device and of the stored marker imposition.
Precise navigation to the stored marker by GPS satellites
Identification of Smart Marker 1500 according to its Unique ID
Defining the depth of marker imposition. Depth value is then displayed.


  • RFID marker data is acquired at time of marker installation in trench
  • RFID Marker ID acquired through Automatic gps coordinate and additional attribute information can be added
  • Data downloaded to computer on real time basis
  • Update/refine data & upload to Cloud
  • Easy access to marker location using Mobile App
  • Navigate to exact marker location using GPS navigation feature of SML RFID marker locator and then detect RFID Marker


RFID Locator Specification


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