Glassjack is an economical product option based on composite fiberglass fish tape for pulling of wires in embedded PVC conduit up to 20m.

The rod does not spiral while tracking down conduits unlike steel or nylon variants providing re-usability over projects and excellent returns. The fish rod being very smooth makes it easy to push and pull. Being non conductive further provides peace of mind.


• Composite fiberglass is non conductive
• Provided in a tubular frame, with a carry on shoulder strap for ease   of handling at site
• Glassjack enables easy and quick pulling of wires in conduits. The   fiberglass rod, tracks in straight lines down conduits
• Composite fiberglass rod is highly resilient to bending and shearing   stresses, allowing it to turn in small radiuses
• Can be used for pulling wires in false ceilings, exposed and   populated conduits
• Provided with rod ends on both ends of tape; standard end   fitments include   7mm flexiGUIDE and a Bullet pulling eye
• Display enabled packing with a Euro hook for stand out display
• Recommended optional : Combo Pack


Rod Dia : 3mm
Dimension : 13″ dia tubular packing
Weight : 475 g (15 m))
Casing : Impact Resistant ABS Plastic


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