Marker-Mate is designed to locate buried electronic markers, including the patented Greenlee Tempo Omni Marker and Uni Marker. In fact, Marker-Mate sets an industry standard with the capability of detecting seven electronic marker types simultaneously (power, water, sanitary, telephone, gas, cable TV, non-potable water).

Marker-Mate is user-selectable for any of the marker types, or the Scan mode will locate all marker types simultaneously and automatically determine which type is detected. Marker-Mate scan mode and its pinpoint accuracy reduces time spent locating buried utilities marked by Omni Markers, and Uni Markers.

The MarkerMate advanced pinpoint feature allows the user to adjust its detection threshold, making it possible to narrow the detection area to a precise location.Utilizing digital signal processor technology, the Marker-Mate is the most sophisticated and highest performing locator available. At the same time, the Marker-Mate was built to operate in all weather conditions. Tempo’s Marker-Mate, Omni Marker, and Uni Marker is a complete electronic marker solution.




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