The Cabletiger Maxi Duct Rodder is ideal for installation of optical fiber telecom cables in buried/underground HDPE ducts up to 300 meters in metro and congested city environments. The Cabletiger maxi duct rodder is also the most widely used equipment in OFC maintenance & where cable blowing method is not feasible.

Cabletiger is a professional heavy duty cable pulling device based on 9mm dia Composite fiberglass rod. Provided in galvanized metal frame with wheels & integral brake & M12 threaded rod ends at both ends


• Compact & easy to transport in a pickup jeep or small transport   vehicles.
• Durable. High Strength. Super tough.
• Provided with an M12 male rod end to allow sonde or accessories   to be   attached.


Length Options: 200m(650’) or 300m(1000’)
Dimension: 33”x20”x37” Maxi Frame “B” Type for 120~200m
                43”x20”x44” Super Maxi Frame “A” Type for 300 m
Rod Type: 4.5mm Dia


Maxi Duct Rodder from Stanlay on Vimeo.

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