Ideal cable pulling device for cable pulling & installation of signaling & communication cables, optical fiber cables, datacom cables, street lighting cables, campus installations, airports & industrial conduits up to 120 meters length. The Stanlay CablePlus is a professional cable pulling device based on 6.7mm dia Non Conductive Composite fiberglass rod. Provided in galvanized metal frame with threaded rod end and a bullet eye.


• Rod housed in a sturdy metal frame with an integral brake. Simply rotate the wheel to guide the rod down the duct.
• Compact construction. Easy to transport – Fits into the boot of any car.
• Provided pre attached with bullet pulling eye.


Length Options: 100m(328’), 120m(393’)
Size: 24’’ X 8’’ X 29’’ Midi Frame “C” Type
Rod Type: 6.7mm Dia


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